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Keratin Hair Treatments.. New and Exciting Revitalise Keratin Hair Treatment System

Revitalise Keratin Launched in the UK in 2019 and has made a huge and successful impact in the hair hairdressing community in such a short space of time. Thanks to its innovative technology Revitalise Keratin is made from the highest raw materials Formaldehyde and Aldehyde free. Now available as a service at Redcoco Hair Studio

What is it?

This treatment range has a unique and highly concentrated protein-based formula to revolutionise hair straightening and alignment process. This treatment works by forming new protein chains to help create your desired hair whether curly, coily or straight. This product is heat activated to assist with absorption and improve hair health leading to stronger hair blocking humidity so your hair will not revert so quickly when you straighten at home with your straighteners. Does this sound good to you? continue reading...

The results?

After having Revitalise Keratin your hair will feel soft and smooth. Improved hair condition glossy shine and greater thermal protection that avoids fibre fading to keep hair in its optimum health.

How long does it last?

Up to 3 months

Other benefits?

The Revitalise Keratin range contains 4 systems

  • Blonde & Coloured Hair

Specifically targeted for highly coloured blonde, highlighted and dis-coloured hair whether curl or straight. Promotes greater thermal protection that shields against heat staining and colour fade whilst maintaining stronger healthier hair.


  • High Lisplasty Total Smooth

Heat-activated to penetrate and fill fractures along the hair shaft for fibre recovery to produce naturally straighter hair great if you love wearing your hair straight.

  • Frizz Control

This treatment is targeted if you are transitioning from old chemical treatments like permanent straightening, relaxer and perms. This is a gentle way to introduce your hair to the Revitalise Keratin system and to ease your natural regrowth for more manageability as you take on your new hair journey. Grow your hair out with minimum breakage and damage as you transition and with humidity blocking you can wear your hair straighter for longer without the frizz.

  • Afro & Textured Hair

Formulated and tested specifically for afro hair textures, due to the unique composition the ingredients are used not only to support the smoothing effects to the hair but also to replenish the hairs natural lipids. Hair fibres strengthen with keraProtein for long-lasting effects. leave Redcoco Hair Studio with it straight then maintain your fresh defined curls at home or leave with your curls elongated and defined with instant manageability.

Questions answered

What is the difference between Revitalise Keratin system and a relaxer service?

Revitalise Keratin does not permanently change the structural formulation of the hair bond and lasts up to 3 months on average. Of course the straighter you straighten the hair the longer it will take to revert back however with professional advice and treatments it will revert back unlike a relaxer which changes the hairs natural bonds and forms a new bond called lanthionine that remains permanently in the hair and can only be removed by cutting the hair.

Can I use Revitalise Keratin when Transitioning from Relaxer/perm to natural hair?

Yes, Revitalise Keratin KeraProtein would be ideal for this process. Focusing mainly on the regrowth area and reducing shedding that is often associated with transitioning.

Can you colour on the same day of Revitalise Keratin service?

Yes, with a low developer after your Revitalise Keratin service.

Can you have a Revitalise Keratin Treatment after a colour service?

No, you will need to wait for 48 hours to have Revitalise Keratin treatment.

What about shampooing at home after Revitalise Keratin treatment?

When you visit Redcoco Hair Studio for Revitalise Keratin Treatment you will be advised of the best shampoo for your hair type. Your shampoo will be Sulphate, paraben-free to compliment your Revitalise Keratin Treatment to maintain the quality and longevity of the treatment.

Who can have this done?

No harsh chemicals kind the hair Children and Adults alike can enjoy smooth, defined curls and coils, Frizz free Manageable hair.

Would you like to see what Revitalise Kertin can do for you?

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