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Is your hair holding you back from working out?

A fresh start to the year propels us towards the Gym because we want to be in the best shape physically and mentally ready to take on the year ahead. Without our health, we cannot achieve what we want to do. Do you agree? This does not stop us from thinking about our hair whilst working out and at times we may worry about it causing us to miss days at the gym.

Looking after hair before a workout?

gym hair

The simplest way is to take the hair off your face and neck by putting your hair up in a ponytail that you can braid or a high messy bun that will give you that sleek, put-together look.

After workout

You have finished your workout and yes, you feel good! We also want our hair to feel good too. How can we achieve this? If you have natural hair, your roots may have reverted a little or your hair may feel damp.

Heavy Sweater

If your hair is wet from sweating, we recommend rinsing your hair after gym to get the salt out of your hair that could lead your hair to feeling dry and eventually cause breakage, especially if you workout 4 or more times a week.

A simple rinse using conditioner that can be left on for a few minutes as you shower. Then style as desired. If you are back at the gym the next day, why not do some twists, plaits or cornrows from wet with your favourite moisturisers and let it air dry? This is quicker and will free up time for other things.

Light Sweater

If your roots have reverted slightly, keep your hair in a ponytail. Brush your edges to get it neat again, tie your head with a headscarf with enough tension to flatten the hairline and take a shower. Only take off the scarf when you know your body has returned to its usual temperature. Take the scarf off and you find your roots will be flat again, ready to be wrapped at night.

Keeping your hair on track

Doing regular workouts can take its toll on our hair and needs regular maintenance to be in tip-top condition as you work out.

Every two to three weeks, depending on your schedule, book a conditioning treatment for peace of mind that your hair is going in the right direction towards your goals. We will advise you with tips and haircare routines that will be easy for you to follow and start seeing results.

Manageability is key

Would you like your hair to be more manageable? Let us help you.

Book your consultation and tell us your concerns. With professional advice from our team, we are sure to help you towards your hair goals!

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