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Updated: May 3, 2020

That's the question we asked ourselves, sounds like a no brainer right! We love what we do and that's creating amazing hair whether that be on European or Afro hair. I love receiving feedback on how you were out and about and a passerby stopped you and complimented your hair and how it made your day, also how much you benefit from the products I've recommended and now your hair feels fabulously soft, shiny and oh so manageable. So what's stopping us from having our own channel? isn't the world our oyster? shouldn't Redcoco go and get a piece of the pie or so they say...

YouTube has over one billion channels that includes a high saturation of hair and beauty videos. I'm sure you're already thinking of some of your favourites. For years now I've often thought of having my own channel one you could feel apart of where I imagined you would be happy to relax on an evening with a cup of your favourite tea being educated and inspired. In this age our lives are getting busier but that doesn't mean our hair should be left behind in between salon visits. I'm sure you'll agree that we all like to use visual aids and that's why YouTube is the number one platform for videos. We all love to watch a screen, we love videos!

The need became great

I finally started to think more seriously about doing YouTube and after the coronavirus outbreak and with government guidelines not to work unless it's absolutely necessary, we had to temporarily close the salon. We are currently still in lockdown, but that doesn't mean each strand of hair stops growing or holds the same style that you left with until our doors reopen. Even though I know some of you were wishing your roots to stay dormant and your ends not to split until I see you again. With the current situation, you kept in touch with me and I replied to you with a step by step guide, how to look after your hair. That's when I decided the time is now. Start filming your Client's need you!

Lights, Camera, Action!

The camera is up and ready to begin filming. After years of wanting to do this I am finally here starting my very first video. The excitement! I decided I wanted my video to be about washing and styling titled, 'How to shampoo, condition and straighten at home'. I chose this because getting the shampoo and conditioning process right is the foundation for the hair to feel good and healthy, so when the drying and styling is finished, you get the best version of your hair and showing you an extra technique to get your roots straightened so your style stays for longer.

Redcoco Hair Studio Youtube is born.

Two weeks ago today Redcoco Hair Studio YouTube channel was created. I have to admit that filming and editing my video had its ups and downs, but I am so proud to have done what feels like a huge milestone and hope to do more videos even when we are back to our normal routines. Already I am working on my next one! If you look closely you'll see a sneak peek at my next video, just look at my camera pic above... yay! That's video number two on its way, so do subscribe and turn on notifications so you never miss our videos.

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