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Highlights Vs Lowlights

You may have heard the terminology used amongst friends, family or work mates. Perhaps you have seen pictures of hair colouring techniques and struggle to explain what you would like to have at the salon. High/lowlights are key colouring techniques you can choose from or have them both. Whether you have European, Afro or Asian hair, High/lowlights is something you should consider.

What are Highlights?

Highlights are luminous, they are strands of hair lifted a few shades lighter than

your natural hair colour. Highlights brighten up the overall look of your hair style to create a contrasting effect. Highlights range from warm caramel to platinum blonde and from aubergine to bold reds. There are numerous highlighting techniques from original foil highlights to painting the colour and feathering towards the roots to get that amazing sun kissed balayage finish. Balayage allows creativity, personalised to you using freehand and mixture of foils should you need a touch extra brightness. How light your highlights are depends on the look you want to achieve. That could be a natural transition or a lighter feel that compliments your skin tone and eye colour including your lifestyle.

What are Lowlights?

Lowlights are deeper colours that gives you extra depth and Is also an option to clients who like a subtle and reserved look this can be applied using foil, freehand and balayage technique to suit you needs. With lower shades It reflects more lights, giving you shinier finish and richness to your hair.

What are Babylights?

Ok, so this article Is about Highlights Vs Lowlights, so why are we talking about Babylights?

Babylights can go high for width or low for depth, It's just that It's micro-fine and subtle highlights hence the name; 'Baby' because color Is painted on in fine sections so the high or Lowlights appear undetectable for a super subtle finish that looks natural.

The differences:

Highlights are more prominent through darker hair and Lowlights through lighter hair. For example Lowlights Is great for softening down blonde hair. Highlights will add glow to brunette hair. Lowlights are gentle than highlights because sometimes they don't require pre-lightener to your natural base shade.

Let us help you choose the best colour and technique for you that suits your needs and life style. Our salon professional hair colours maintain the hairs integrity without dryness instead you leave with silky to touch fully moisturised hair with appropriate home aftercare. Thinking about colouring your hair? Book for a professional in-depth consultation.

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