Great hair doesn't happen by chance it happens by appointment...

Shampoo and Styling

This is where it all starts, a good relaxing scalp massage to stimulate circulation to promote healthy hair growth cleasnsing the scalp and  bathing the hair in our PH balanced sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioners to suit your hair type and curl pattern​...

Wash £25

Wash,blow dry and finish £35

Wash, cut,blow dry and finish £45

Dry cut £15

Restyle £25

Wash, restyle,blow dry and finish £55

Wash,pressed and finished £53

Silk press £55

Straigtner straight £15

Curls with tongs £20

Wand curls £25

 Pressed £35

Wash and canerow £45

Detangling £10


Conditioning Treatments

Have you ever asked... why is my hair so dry? why is my hair shedding? why is my hair breaking? How can I control Frizz? Can I get more curl definition? how can I make my hair more manageable?  My hair doesn't seem like it's growing etc... Conditioning treatments are food for the hair that penetrates deep into the hair's cortex to repair reconstruct add moisture, build and protect..having a thorough consultation from us we can get the bottom of your hair concerns and prescribe accordingly to your hair needs...

Treatment for relaxed/permed hair (moisture or protein) £45
Treatment for afro hair (moisture and protein) £55
Super Reconstructive Treatment £65
ORS Scalp Scrub £55
Avlon Texture Release £85

Revitalise Keratin Treatment System from £95



We love colouring and how it brings your hair to life adding depth and creating movement.. there is a shade for you..our salon professional colours really looks after the hair leaving it in good condition and with the different techniques and ways to colour the possibilities are endlesss...

Full head semi-permanent £45

Root touch up semi-permanent £35

Full head permanent from £65

Full head highlights fr £75

Half head highlights fr £55

Root touch up permanent £45

Fashion slice fr £35

Ombre fr £65

Balayage fr £80

Face framing Balayage fr £45



If your lifestyle suits a more permanent straightening system that not only straightens but looks after the hair leaving body with maximum movement, you will love ourAffirm Fiberguard® relaxer , its our most trusted relaxer; maintaining as much of the hair's natural  tensile strength compared to other conventional relaxers. a good consultation and we will advice the best one for your texture,density and porosity.

Affirm FiberGuard®  £65

Affirm Fiberguard®  Sensitive scalp £70

Affirm Original £58

Dry and Itchy scalp £70



If you can't get enough of textured curls, Then this Wave Nouveau Perm System could be perfect for you. No more wet dripping curls, wear your curls from damp to dry. Whether your hair is short or long choose the best curl pattern for you so you can get up go! 

Wave Nouveau Perm system
Root perm £55
Virgin perm from £65



we love the look of extensions and the extra confidence it gives us when installed professionally, correctly and safely protecting your follicles is our first priority so you can continue again and again with your desired look...

Full head weave £80

Half head weave £60

Fringe weaved £20

Weave take out £15

Extensions per row £15

L A weave per row £15

Tape extensions from £170 

Micro rings from £200

Wig style Straighteners straight £20

Wig curled £25

Wig cut £15

Wig full head highlights £85 

Wig full head colour from £70

Wig fitting £25

Box braids fr £90



Natural curly/coily texture

We love our natural hair textures so versitile the style possibilities are endless while ensuring hair has maximum moisture...

Curl set from £40
Bantu knots from £40
Twist out (dry) from £30
Twist out (including wash) £55



Special occasions are few and far between so when we have a special occasions we love to go all out and celebrate our time together.. number one on the list is our greatest accessory..our lets make this moment special with a good consultation for an amazing special day creating memories for a life time​...

Bridal hair trial £35

Bridal hair up from £40

Bridesmaid trial £30

Bridesmaid hair up from £30

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Children 1-14yrs

Of course, children love coming to the studio to get their hair done, and secretly we know its a night off for you parents as your little one gets their hair ready for the week ahead.. their hair journey is as important as we focus on locking the moisture into the hair so it thrives on their  very active lifestyles

Wash and canerow from £25
Wash and straighten from £30

Wash, cut and Blowdry £35

Treatment and cut £40
Taking out canerows and plaits  from £10
Avlon Texture Release £65

Revitalise Keratin Treatment System from £75
Canerow with extensions £30

Detangling knots £10
Dry cut £10

Young Ballet Dancer