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Is Avlon Texture Release Right for Me?

If you've been in and around the salon lately, you'll probably have heard of Avlon Texture Release.

Developed by the company who created popular haircare, Keracare, the texture release is a heat activated system. Most importantly, it contains no harsh chemicals.

Check out our video and see the results for yourself.

How does it work?

The conditioning agents within the system penetrate deep within the hair, to make natural texture more manageable and maintain moisture.

Excessively curly hair can remain beautifully curly, with up to two months of manageability and ease of comb ability.

If you're looking for a sleek, straight finish, without chemicals and the option to go back to your natural texture with no hassle, Avlon Texture Release is right for you.

During consultation, we will look your hair's texture, curl type and the condition of your scalp.

It is a straightforward 3-step system.

How long do results last?

Up to two months.

I'm transitioning, can I have Avlon Texture Release? Yes, you can. Clients who are transitioning have found it useful, as it doesn't set your progress back. We will check your hair individually, during your consultation.

How much does it cost? It costs £75. Contact us, if you have any questions.

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